Monday, June 9, 2008

We are glad you blogged on for our first week, it was a successful trial run.  Now you can find us on our official blog spot which is:   Please visit us there and tell all your friends the tipsy girls are in business!!! 

Thursday, June 5, 2008


It's Friday and we made it through our 1st week of blogging (sort of?)! We hope you have enjoyed it as much as we have. So, lets celebrate with this Over The Tipsy Top cup "cake". We both love cupcakes so when we found this Wilton cake pan we knew it was a purchase we had to make. So let's get started: first, smear frosting onto your cake-plate, it acts like a glue and holds the cake in place. We frosted this cake using Wilton decorating tip #127 (You can find Wilton products at Michael's craft stores). To us it's all about the frosting so, remember to put a thick layer in the middle between the base and the cake top. For our curly-cues: we rolled pieces of salt water taffy into long strings, wrapped them around drinking straws and placed them in the freezer for a few minutes. Then gently remove the straw, poke a hole into the cake and place the end of the taffy there. The taffy will slowly drape over the cake. Bake it, decorate it, dig-in and enjoy! We have had a fabulous week thanks for 'blogging' with us, we'll see you Monday!!!


Fathers day is less than 2 weeks away so start planning for a spectacular Dad's day!! Make the man in your life know just how special he is, surprise him with his own "Superman" breakfast. At our house traditionally Father's day means a BBQ-but mix it up a little this year. We had so much fun dressing up our table this is what we did: the place mats and chargers we already had (from Christmas) the Superman plates we bought at a party store. We placed the napkin in the drinking glass and from the straw we dangled a Superman logo charm. The 'DAD' tag we added ribbon and used it for his place card. We set his gifts nearby. Now just add your dads favorite breakfast items and jump start your dads special day. We purchased our SuperDad decor and logo charms at Walmart. So get planning now and have fun!!!!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cluster Clutters...
...a sure favorite; add an extra flare to your next gift.

Grab any combination of cord ribbon, tissue paper, cellophane, netting, pipe cleaners, wrapping paper, etc. Use items that have different widths, textures and patterns. Cut them at varying lengths and gather in the middle with wire pipe cleaner or another piece of ribbon.

Clusters we make are just from clutter we have laying around. So start recycling your gift wrap and ribbon and use them to make your gift giving a little more marvelous.

Fabulous Front Door Decor

My front door is so dark I wanted to lighten it up, I had this mirror I was about to junk when I decided to give it a try. I knew the reflection of the sun would be eye catching. I loved the plaques I found at Hobby Lobby so I brought them home and blinged them up, added ribbon and tacked them to the door. The feather wreath was left over from Christmas, why not use it all year. I wanted something to go with my girlie plaques so I used an old purse with a touch of pink. I just recently added the vinyl crown which was an inspiration from our favorite store Dear Lizzie (if you haven't been there check it out, it's in Alpine).

Here's how to bring the inside out and dress up your front door. Use items that you already have around your house: mirrors, feathers, frames, plaques, pictures, purses (Coach is always a favorite) just about anything it's up to you. Use one large item or layer a few.

Hang with ribbon, wire, nails or a hook. Everything in this picture is hung with ribbon and one tack (per ribbon). This is a wood door, the tack is at the top ledge of the door. If you have a metal door hang the ribbon with duct tape. Leave a comment for The Tipsy Girls and we will help you customize your front door.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Glorious Glitter - No More Mundane Mondays

Make Them Sparkle & Shine

It’s our first day of blogging and we hope to inspire you everyday. Check out our outrageous Sonic cups. We love Sonic they know us by name because we are there everyday for their fabulous ice and Coke for Marla and a Diet Coke for me. My friend stuck a crown on top of my Diet Coke and I thought this is what a Diet Coke should look like and our cups came to life. We used mod podge and lots of glitter.

We used our Sonic cups and all our embellishments are from Hobby Lobby and a few things from around the house.

Step 1: Mod podge your cup, glitter and allow it to dry
Step 2: Repeat process
Step 3: Add a final coat of Mod Podge and dry overnight
Step 4: Embellish with any glorious thing you can get your hands on. (don’t be afraid to use the hot glue gun in this process)

We rinse our cups by hand.

We have made these for girls night parties, movie nights, American Idol parties and bunco, the ideas are endless. Most important personalize it for yourself or the person you are giving it to.
Don’t have the time to do these yourself? Leave a comment with your name and email; The Tipsy Girls will take care of it for you.